Original ‘Zombie Maskandi’ story in Isolezwe

I’ll be posting translations of the whole saga of the fake Mgqumeni Khumalo, ibhova likadikadika, aka ‘Zombi Maskandi’. For now, here’s the very first article, from the 3rd of February in Isolezwe.

Front Page Headline: Confusion among fans of a famed singer who has ‘risen from the dead’

2nd page headline: Riddle of ‘risen’ Mgqumeni

Isolezwe 3rd February 2012 page 2

Bawinile Ngcobo

Confusion broke out yesterday when stories starting coming in about the resurrection from the dead of a Maskandi singer, Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, famous for ‘ibhova likadikadika’, who died in 2009.

The story of Mgqumeni’s rising from the dead spread like wild-fire, breaking out yesterday mid-day as people flocked in massive crowds to the Khumalo homestead in Nquthu, wanting to see with their own eyes whether he had indeed risen.

By sunset yesterday this story had spread everywhere, being talked about on social networks and radio stations, with some phoning the Isolezwe offices saying that they were in Gauteng and wanting to know whether the story was true or not.

Spokesperson for the police in the province, Lt. Colonel Vincent Mdunge, confirmed that people were flocking in numbers to Mgqumeni’s place yesterday.

Mdunge said that if it turned out that there were indications that this was really the same man returned from the dead, it would be necessary to file a request at the court to exhume the body which was presumed to be his, and then to check whose body it actually was, so that an investigation could begin.

A policeman from Nquthu (not authorised to communicate with the press) who was keeping tabs on the situation at the Khumalo homestead as a huge crowd of people was filling the area, said that the family was still posing questions to the man who had arrived and revealed himself to be Mgqumeni.

“He looks like him but his body is different and there are things which should be there but aren’t. The family still wants to pose questions to him to hear what he will say and whether there is anything which will clear up whether he is indeed who he says he is. Right now we are still trying to keep back the people who keep arriving in their numbers and wanting to see him for themselves,” said this policeman.

Mgqumeni’s brother posted on social networking site Facebook to say that he was still rushing home but that he didn’t believe that it was really Mgqumeni who had risen from the dead.

He said that he would see him when he arrived and wait before he posted anything else.

Apparently this person arrived in Nquthu on the weekend but is still being healed by an inyanga. Other reports say that he will be revealed to the community and press on Sunday, so that they can see him and he can explain where he came from. The sun had already set yesterday when it was announced to the community that he would be entertaining them with the songs that made him famous such as ‘Agudl’indlu’ and ‘Amagwala’. He was inseparable from Mtshengiseni Gcwensa, another Maskandi musician who is still alive.

Mr Nginga Ndlovu, who sang with Mgqumeni and was at the Khumalo homestead, said that he had not been able to see him well because the police were keeping unauthorised people away so that outsiders would not be able to approach, because the family was still in the process of investigating this person.

“This is far from where I live and I cannot get close at all because it’s so full of people who have come wanting to see for themselves,” explained Ndlovu.

People have offered different opinions on the matter on social networking sites, with some happy that their favourite singer had returned while others were sceptical about it, saying that there wasn’t anyone who could rise from the dead after being dead for two years. 


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