The chicken begins to suspect the mealies…

On the Tuesday after the ‘Zombie Maskandi’ story broke, an Aeschylean process of identification leads to clinching proof that this man (whoever he is) is not the real Mgqumeni.

A lot of evidence to the contrary in the case of ‘Bhova’

Mdu Ncalane and Kiki Ntuli

Isolezwe,7th February 2012, Page 2 

Much has been said by the man calling himself Mgqumeni, causing people to be suspicious of his “rising from the dead”, with other followers of Mgqumeni making caustic remarks such as him ‘milking the pregnant cow’ (i.e. claiming something which is patently false).

The chicken began to suspect the mealies (i.e. suspicions began to be raised) when Mgqumeni’s cousin, Sakhiseni Mseleku, saw no sign of certain marks on the body of the man claiming to be his cousin.

On the day when this was announced to the community, Mgqumeni’s cousin (Sakhiseni Mseleku) said that he does not believe that this man is his relative because he had signs which he did not find on this man, who has been exposed as Siphamandla Sibusiso Gcabashe. The things which he was talking about, which didn’t add up, have poured cold water on people claiming that ‘their king of Maskandi’ had risen from the dead.

The man (the fake Bhova) began to divulge that he suspected a Maskandi producer of having hired a hitman to threaten him, and that on Saturday evening he was held down by this hitman while taking some time out in the toilet, and that the hitman had pointed a gun at him and threatened him.

“This man pointing a gun at me told me that he had been sent to finish me off. He told me that he had been sent by a famous Maskandi producer, whose name he refused to divulge. He said the producer paid him R35 000 to kill me,” said this man.

When he was revealing to reporters where he had been for all these years, Mgqumeni’s cousin, Sakhiseni Mseleku, appeared and said that he was the one who could know for sure if this really was Mgqumeni, because there were signs on his body which would be incontrovertible proof.

“My cousin had teeth on the side which used to be longer than the others. There where his leg meets the small of his back he has a scar which would not lead me astray, where a tumour was cut out,” said Mseleku.

These two were shut inside a police car, and then Mseleku showed himself once he’d examined him. He got out looking dejected, saying in a bitter voice that he had not seen the signs.

As though he had not been examined by Mseleku, this man stated clearly that when he had arrived at his home there was doubt in the family, with some not believing that he was who he said he was.

“I didn’t have a problem with this, particularly as some of my wives had been married off to my other relatives. But my wives confirmed that I am Mgqumeni,” said the man. 

He has left people in a state of confusion, saying that he now has a new name on his ID which is Siphamandla Gcabashe. Among other things he says that he is reminding himself, having not died, about winning a Satma award (although he doesn’t know which album won him the award). He said that even if people were uncertain about his appearance, “if you look at me now you’ll see that I resemble the picture on the album cover for ‘Easy Come Easy Go’.” This man failed to differentiate between Linda Sibiya and Tsathugodo who called himself Bhuti Linda, saying that they were clearly the same. 


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