KZN Agriculture MEC’s take on Mgqumeni

Here’s an interesting article on comments made by Dr Meshack Radebe, the MEC for Agriculture in KwaZulu-Natal, about Mgqumeni – and how the whole story boils down to a culture of ‘ukukhangeza’ or ‘waiting for handouts’.

‘I’m not surprised by the one calling himself Mgqumeni’

Nokubongwa Phenyane

Isolezwe 29th March page 19

“Idleness will never get you anywhere because trouble ends up telling lies about you or you end up committing crime, calling yourself by the name of people who’ve died – just like that man from our people who says he’s Mgqumeni.”

This is what the Minister of Agriculture said when he was bringing development to the area of eShane near Greytown, complaining there that people should stop waiting for handouts because they don’t want to farm, and then end up committing criminal acts in the community.

Dr Meshack Radebe said this after delivering 9 tractors to the area. He advised people that if they want to ‘chase away the cat from the hearth’ (i.e. end the cycle of hunger) they must figure out how to do things for themselves and stop waiting for handouts.

“I’m not surprised, personally, by this person who claims to be the long-dead Mgqumeni. All of this has been done because of hunger, with him thinking that everything will happen easily, that he would get money because he resembles a hero who has passed away,” said Radebe.

He said that people must work hard when it comes to farming, because it is through farming that many families can be looked after, and that some people can even get rich as a direct result of working the earth energetically.

iNkosi Zakhele Sithole thanked the Minister, on behalf of the Mvoti Municipality, for finally coming to them, as they have long been asking to be helped with regard to agriculture.


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