‘Bhova’ sings yet another song in court

Nokubongwa Phenyane

19 Jun 2012 Isolezwe, page 4

Headline on front page: Twists and turns as the Bhova impersonator raves and kicks about his surname

The matter of the case of Sibusisio Gcabashe, who made himself famous by claiming that he was the deceased Maskandi singer Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, is now just like a fairy story.

Yesterday when he appeared in the district court in Vryheid he offered a lot of testimony, but especially that he is now saying that people must stop calling him Gcabashe because this is not his surname.

Gcabashe again confused many people, and left them with many questions, when he said that he now wants people to call him Khumalo, not this ‘Gcabashe’ which he has agreed to be since he was arrested.

“I ask that people respect me and know that I am Mgqumeni, not this Gcabashe which they call me. I am Kwakhe Khumalo, and I ask that this be respected and that I not be called by the name of someone whom I don’t know,” said Gcabashe.

The presiding Magistrate, Mr Sifiso Madida, stopped him there and informed him that everything that he wanted to speak about will be discussed on the day that the case is heard next month.

Yesterday it was expected that the first day for hearing the case would be set, but because the investigator was on leave this did not take place.

It was suggested that the hearing of the case will begin on the 6th of July in the Vryheid court. Another thing which emerged was that the witnesses who would be needed when the case is heard must meet with the investigator, so that they may know when they will be needed in the court. This happened because Gcabashe apparently has received threats from certain people, because when he saw his mother and brother in the Magistrate’s court in Nquthu he told them who had sent him to call himself Mgqumeni.

When he saw them, Gcabashe told them that Nonhlanhla Majola, who was the girlfriend of the singer, took him and sent him to the Khumalo homestead, eSigqumeni in Nquthu, and that he arrived and was beaten there, and told that he must agree fully that he is Mgqumeni and that he rose from the dead. 


6 Responses to “‘Bhova’ sings yet another song in court”

  1. Gcabashe must be arrested for 100 because we loved mgqumeni (IBHOVA LIKADIKADIKA)

  2. bongani mngoma Says:

    He must be arrested for the whole life because we loved mgqumeni

  3. bongani mngoma Says:

    If gcabashe get a bail I swear community will kill him

  4. Gcabashe uzosinyela uzibiza ngokhumalo umazelaphi ukhumalo ungabosxhaphaza ibhova elinje ngelamasimba akahlale jele lowo uzophuma esekwazi ukuthi ungubani hai khumalo manje kuse early

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Ugcabashe akangaphumi ngoba uma ebonakala ngaphandle,uzohlukumezeka.abantu bazomhlupha.bemqhukuluza,bemhleka,besho abakuthandayo.baningi phela abantu abahlukumezeka ngalendaba manje uma bemubona kuzovuka bembulale.akuphephiswe impilo yakhe shem.aqhubeke ahlale ejele.wanyakazisa umhlaba wonke phela lomuntu.

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