The Demon Girl, part 2

A faith-healer – who was said to be helping a family with freeing their child (12) in Sweetwaters near Pietermaritzburg, saying that he was removing the demons from her though she was later found dead – has been arrested.

Ayanda Sibiya (12) was buried on Saturday, after her body was found with the eyes and other parts of the body removed, her hands and feet tied, in a water tank near a church.

Ayanda went missing from her family two weeks ago, leaving behind a letter stating that she had gone in order to protect her little sister from the demons which she was constantly complaining we’re afflicting her.

Spokesperson for the police in the province, Captain Thulani Zwane, said that the police had arrested a man aged 32 in relation to Ayanda’s death.

“The suspect was arrested on Thursday, and will appear in court in Pietermaritzburg tomorrow (today),” said Zwane.

Isolezwe had found out that the man who was arrested was the father of the younger daughter of Ayanda’s mother – the same daughter that they feared would be possessed by demons. There are allegations that this man was the one afraid that his little child would be possessed by demons,vans so forced Ayanda to write the letter as though she was the one who was afraid for their child.

After forcing her to write the letter it is alleged that he then killed her, and placed her body in a water tank next to the church.

Ayanda’s mother, Ms. Ntombenhle Sibiya (32) yesterday said that she is still shocked that the suspect was arrested as she had trusted him and he got along very well with the deceased. She told this newspaper that the father of the little child was another person, not the suspect.

“We went to the police station wanting the letter that Ayanda had written because I want it to be in my possession since it is the last thing she did before she went missing,” she explained.

She said that the police had apparently interrogated the suspect for an entire day at the station, and had finally arrested him.

Ms Sibiya said that the faith-healer (whose name cannot be revealed) was helping them at home, coming and going with Ayanda, and that they had begun to treat him like a member of the family.

She said that the accused had arrived at the beginning of the previous year with a “preachers’ tent” in Sweetwaters, and a member of the community had reported to him the fact that Ayanda had been ill for many years, after which this faith-healer appeared at the Sibiya house asking to pray over the girl in order to save her.

She said that following this since then he would arrive and visit, in order to pray over the child.

Ms Sibiya said that the police had confiscated his cellphone and had disrupted the funeral, as they were organizing many plans for the funeral together with the accused. The body of Ayanda was found in a tank near the church building after the faith-healer himself had said that it would be found there.


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