‘iBhova’ will spend Christmas in Jail

pg 15, Isolezwe 04/12/2012
Nokubongwa Phenyane

Mr Sibusiso Gcabashe, facing a charge of impersonating a Maskandi singer who was already dead, will spend Christmas in jail as his case was yesterday postponed to next year.

Gcabashe faces a flood of charges and is currently being tried in a case relating to his impersonation of Maskandi singer Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, who died in 2009. In court all sides were in agreement that the case be postponed because his lawyer had not reported to the court – not even about where he is.

Botha surprised many when he said that he requests that Gcabashe’s blood be taken, as well as Mgqumeni’s children’s blood, so that genetic testing can be carried out.

The court disputed this and it ended up that he walked out in the middle of the trial and went away, and the trial ended up being postponed.

In the previous court appearance in which Gcabashe came forth again, Botha was again apparent in the courtroom because the Khumalo family had begged him to continue representing them.

The previous time the case was postponed, last month, Prosecutor Irene Neyt, who was present, put to the court the fact that she was no longer going to be a part of the case.

“I would ask the court that this case continue well in the coming year, but the new lawyer and prosecutor must meet so that they may come to an agreement about the date,” said Neyt.

Bhova’s family (the Khumalo family) told Isolezwe previously that the withdrawal of the lawyer in a vacillatory manner was part of their plan to get a chance to arrange the results of the genetic testing, which will show that Gcabashe is really Mgqumeni.


2 Responses to “‘iBhova’ will spend Christmas in Jail”

  1. Pretty Hlongwane Says:

    Akaboshwe ugcabashe wawuphula umoya wabalandeli bebhova ngiyamzonda

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