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‘Head-in-fridge’ killer’s accusations get an innocent inyanga’s home torched

Posted in News Stories with tags , , on March 20, 2012 by White Zulu

Front Page Headline:  Famous Inyanga distances himself from the one found with the head (in his fridge)

Third Page Headline: ‘I never told anyone to kill a person’

Isolezwe 20 March 2012 page 3

By Ngqeshe Buthelezi

A famous inyanga from Mafakathini, outside Howick, has said that his hands are clean and that he has never (not even on one single day) ordered a person to go and kill and decapitate someone. He issued this statement because a person accused of doing just that has associated himself with him.

Mr. Mduduzi Innocent Manqele told Isolezwe, who visited him at his home on Friday, that this situation has caused him great pain in his life, as his home had been burnt down as a result of these allegations.

“The punishment of this boy had made me very happy because he had been telling lies about me,” said Manqele, who appeared very upset and had tears slowly running down his cheeks.

He was talking about the punishment of Roger Thusi (31), who was convicted in court for the finding of a human head in his fridge, and who said that he had been sent by Manqele the inyanga so that he could get a human head.

It was later found that the head was that of Loyiso Jokweni. Thusi was sentenced to imprisonment two weeks ago in the Pietermaritzburg High Court. Manqele was arrested in this case but he was released after 30 days in jail, when the court found that there was nothing linking him to the case.

While he was still incarcerated the community set fire to his home and nearby businesses, and his family fled the area.

“This boy didn’t know me but I heard a report about him saying that he had hollowed out a hole near our gate, saying that he was placing protective medicine there. As the induna of this area I made a report on this situation, and I offered up my house to the police, and the hole was covered over in front of me,” clairified Manqele.

He said that he had found out that this man said he was looking for a child’s head. He proceeded to say that he was very shocked when the police arrived at his home, accompanied by that boy with his hands tied, saying that the boy had said he was sent by Manqele to find a child’s head.

Manqele said that it made him very happy that the police had conducted such a thorough investigation with the result that the court found no case against him.

“Even if there are still people who call me ‘umthakathi’ wherever I go, there is no person against whom I hold against me for this.” Manqele said that he had long ago been told of a person who was accused of the deed of which he was accused, who also didn’t do it, and of what was done by the community.

He said that many of his possessions were thrown out and his house was burnt and that his work of healing people was disrupted. He said that it was the same as starting his life again from scratch because they had not just stopped at burning his house but that many of his possessions had been stolen too.

At this moment Manqele has now returned to the area, and is beginning the task of setting the place to rights. He said that the small degree of reconciliation that he has seen from the community is cheering him up, and that he is committed to settling in this area. When Isolezwe was in the area people wanting to be healed and helped were beginning to come out and queue for him