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‘iBhova’ will spend Christmas in Jail

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pg 15, Isolezwe 04/12/2012
Nokubongwa Phenyane

Mr Sibusiso Gcabashe, facing a charge of impersonating a Maskandi singer who was already dead, will spend Christmas in jail as his case was yesterday postponed to next year.

Gcabashe faces a flood of charges and is currently being tried in a case relating to his impersonation of Maskandi singer Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, who died in 2009. In court all sides were in agreement that the case be postponed because his lawyer had not reported to the court – not even about where he is.

Botha surprised many when he said that he requests that Gcabashe’s blood be taken, as well as Mgqumeni’s children’s blood, so that genetic testing can be carried out.

The court disputed this and it ended up that he walked out in the middle of the trial and went away, and the trial ended up being postponed.

In the previous court appearance in which Gcabashe came forth again, Botha was again apparent in the courtroom because the Khumalo family had begged him to continue representing them.

The previous time the case was postponed, last month, Prosecutor Irene Neyt, who was present, put to the court the fact that she was no longer going to be a part of the case.

“I would ask the court that this case continue well in the coming year, but the new lawyer and prosecutor must meet so that they may come to an agreement about the date,” said Neyt.

Bhova’s family (the Khumalo family) told Isolezwe previously that the withdrawal of the lawyer in a vacillatory manner was part of their plan to get a chance to arrange the results of the genetic testing, which will show that Gcabashe is really Mgqumeni.


The chicken begins to suspect the mealies…

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On the Tuesday after the ‘Zombie Maskandi’ story broke, an Aeschylean process of identification leads to clinching proof that this man (whoever he is) is not the real Mgqumeni.

A lot of evidence to the contrary in the case of ‘Bhova’

Mdu Ncalane and Kiki Ntuli

Isolezwe,7th February 2012, Page 2 

Much has been said by the man calling himself Mgqumeni, causing people to be suspicious of his “rising from the dead”, with other followers of Mgqumeni making caustic remarks such as him ‘milking the pregnant cow’ (i.e. claiming something which is patently false).

The chicken began to suspect the mealies (i.e. suspicions began to be raised) when Mgqumeni’s cousin, Sakhiseni Mseleku, saw no sign of certain marks on the body of the man claiming to be his cousin.

On the day when this was announced to the community, Mgqumeni’s cousin (Sakhiseni Mseleku) said that he does not believe that this man is his relative because he had signs which he did not find on this man, who has been exposed as Siphamandla Sibusiso Gcabashe. The things which he was talking about, which didn’t add up, have poured cold water on people claiming that ‘their king of Maskandi’ had risen from the dead.

The man (the fake Bhova) began to divulge that he suspected a Maskandi producer of having hired a hitman to threaten him, and that on Saturday evening he was held down by this hitman while taking some time out in the toilet, and that the hitman had pointed a gun at him and threatened him.

“This man pointing a gun at me told me that he had been sent to finish me off. He told me that he had been sent by a famous Maskandi producer, whose name he refused to divulge. He said the producer paid him R35 000 to kill me,” said this man.

When he was revealing to reporters where he had been for all these years, Mgqumeni’s cousin, Sakhiseni Mseleku, appeared and said that he was the one who could know for sure if this really was Mgqumeni, because there were signs on his body which would be incontrovertible proof.

“My cousin had teeth on the side which used to be longer than the others. There where his leg meets the small of his back he has a scar which would not lead me astray, where a tumour was cut out,” said Mseleku.

These two were shut inside a police car, and then Mseleku showed himself once he’d examined him. He got out looking dejected, saying in a bitter voice that he had not seen the signs.

As though he had not been examined by Mseleku, this man stated clearly that when he had arrived at his home there was doubt in the family, with some not believing that he was who he said he was.

“I didn’t have a problem with this, particularly as some of my wives had been married off to my other relatives. But my wives confirmed that I am Mgqumeni,” said the man. 

He has left people in a state of confusion, saying that he now has a new name on his ID which is Siphamandla Gcabashe. Among other things he says that he is reminding himself, having not died, about winning a Satma award (although he doesn’t know which album won him the award). He said that even if people were uncertain about his appearance, “if you look at me now you’ll see that I resemble the picture on the album cover for ‘Easy Come Easy Go’.” This man failed to differentiate between Linda Sibiya and Tsathugodo who called himself Bhuti Linda, saying that they were clearly the same. 

After a weekend of confusion, nobody knows if this is the real Mgqumeni

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On the Monday following the previous article, there seemed to be even more confusion about the identity of the ‘Zombie Maskandi’. Here’s an account of the confusion, from Isolezwe

Bhova’s fans have been deceived

Mdu Ncalane

Isolezwe, 6th February 2012, page 2

Crowds of Mgqumeni’s fans, lovers of Maskandi music, and members of the community wanting to see the ‘risen-dead-man’ for themselves have been greatly intrigued by a man who claimed to be the one called ‘ibhova likadikadika’.

Guys who sang with him in his band for a long time have raised the alarm, saying that people are being messed around. His uncle’s people of the Mseleku clan in Mooi River, who saw him for the first time yesterday, are also saying that people have been deceived.

Mgqumeni’s cousin, Mr Sakhiseni Mseleku, said that a case has been opened at Nquthu police station.

“There is a carelessness which we have observed in the ways things are being done, and we have seen it for a while. There are many things which we have asked and to which we have had no answer. Our opening of a case has been done so that if there is something criminal being done in Bhova’s name it can come to an end,” said Mseleku.

The huge crowd of people from all over Zululand crowding around the house ended up breaking out into fights and pushing. The police, failing to clear the crowd using a baton charge, ended up using water to disperse them.

After reports that the man had tried to flee on Saturday night but had been caught by the police dog unit, they appeared with him in their armoured vehicle. Shortly thereafter, while the police were still trying to sort things out so that they could come out, some people began to take pictures with their cellphones. The cops then opened the turret of the Casper and the young man whom is said to be Mgqumeni, wearing a woollen hat, emerged – at which point the crowd erupted. Some were so happy to see him that they started wailing. He then took off his hat and people were in a state of confusion seeing his forehead and his hairline. They looked at the gold teeth which he had, not remembering if the Bhova they knew had similar teeth. The way that he waved his hands also confused them, with some saying this was Mgqumeni – but when he was smiling they lost a lot of hope.  According to those who knew him, his voice was not even remotely the same as that of Kwakhe Khumalo-Mseleku. The way he held himself also lowered his fans’ hopes greatly regarding whether Mgqumeni had actually risen from the dead. 

This man told the crowds that he had been in the wilderness for a long time, eating mud mixed with milk.

“As you can see my face has changed, which is an effect of the lifestyle I was living. There has been nonsense talked about Mgqumeni – he never died because here he is in front of you all, alive. I want perhaps that some girls go and dig up my grave so that it can be clear who it is that’s buried there,” said this man, repeating that the life he’d been living was very hard.

He said that even now it is difficult to travel because there are some people who call him ‘a ghost’.

Applause erupted from some, and he promised them that he would still play the guitar as he used to. He then thanked Shembe, saying that he was the one who had come and freed him.

“What has been done to Mgqumeni is serious, but I thank you. Mgqumeni died for his music. I ask that all my brothers out there pray for me to return to the way I was,” said this man.

When you look closely at the man, he’s very thin (as said previously) but he seems to have been quite well-built at some point in his life. His thinness isn’t fully apparent on his body, because he’s wearing a bullet-proof vest on his chest and back.

A spokesperson for the funeral company who interred Mgqumeni, Mr Thulani Ngcobo, said that they have been told nothing as the company who interred him, repeating that it was him they buried.

“We have only heard from people on the radio and in the papers. Nobody has followed up and spoken to us. And we are not allowed to see him. What irks us is that there have been slanderous accusations about people at the company bewitching him,” said Ngcobo. Commenting on the pictures of the man, Ngcobo refused to say anything.    

This Mgqumeni revealed yesterday that just before he died he had seen a red ox in front of him, and that this would have been the end of him. “When I told my mates with whom I was travelling about this they said ‘you see now you’re starting to be crazy’, and I kept quiet – but I knew what was going on.”

Original ‘Zombie Maskandi’ story in Isolezwe

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I’ll be posting translations of the whole saga of the fake Mgqumeni Khumalo, ibhova likadikadika, aka ‘Zombi Maskandi’. For now, here’s the very first article, from the 3rd of February in Isolezwe.

Front Page Headline: Confusion among fans of a famed singer who has ‘risen from the dead’

2nd page headline: Riddle of ‘risen’ Mgqumeni

Isolezwe 3rd February 2012 page 2

Bawinile Ngcobo

Confusion broke out yesterday when stories starting coming in about the resurrection from the dead of a Maskandi singer, Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, famous for ‘ibhova likadikadika’, who died in 2009.

The story of Mgqumeni’s rising from the dead spread like wild-fire, breaking out yesterday mid-day as people flocked in massive crowds to the Khumalo homestead in Nquthu, wanting to see with their own eyes whether he had indeed risen.

By sunset yesterday this story had spread everywhere, being talked about on social networks and radio stations, with some phoning the Isolezwe offices saying that they were in Gauteng and wanting to know whether the story was true or not.

Spokesperson for the police in the province, Lt. Colonel Vincent Mdunge, confirmed that people were flocking in numbers to Mgqumeni’s place yesterday.

Mdunge said that if it turned out that there were indications that this was really the same man returned from the dead, it would be necessary to file a request at the court to exhume the body which was presumed to be his, and then to check whose body it actually was, so that an investigation could begin.

A policeman from Nquthu (not authorised to communicate with the press) who was keeping tabs on the situation at the Khumalo homestead as a huge crowd of people was filling the area, said that the family was still posing questions to the man who had arrived and revealed himself to be Mgqumeni.

“He looks like him but his body is different and there are things which should be there but aren’t. The family still wants to pose questions to him to hear what he will say and whether there is anything which will clear up whether he is indeed who he says he is. Right now we are still trying to keep back the people who keep arriving in their numbers and wanting to see him for themselves,” said this policeman.

Mgqumeni’s brother posted on social networking site Facebook to say that he was still rushing home but that he didn’t believe that it was really Mgqumeni who had risen from the dead.

He said that he would see him when he arrived and wait before he posted anything else.

Apparently this person arrived in Nquthu on the weekend but is still being healed by an inyanga. Other reports say that he will be revealed to the community and press on Sunday, so that they can see him and he can explain where he came from. The sun had already set yesterday when it was announced to the community that he would be entertaining them with the songs that made him famous such as ‘Agudl’indlu’ and ‘Amagwala’. He was inseparable from Mtshengiseni Gcwensa, another Maskandi musician who is still alive.

Mr Nginga Ndlovu, who sang with Mgqumeni and was at the Khumalo homestead, said that he had not been able to see him well because the police were keeping unauthorised people away so that outsiders would not be able to approach, because the family was still in the process of investigating this person.

“This is far from where I live and I cannot get close at all because it’s so full of people who have come wanting to see for themselves,” explained Ndlovu.

People have offered different opinions on the matter on social networking sites, with some happy that their favourite singer had returned while others were sceptical about it, saying that there wasn’t anyone who could rise from the dead after being dead for two years.