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The one calling himself Mgqumeni has revealed who sent him

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Nokubongwa Phenyane

Isolezwe 5 Jun 2012

Sibusiso Gcabashe has finally spoken about his arrival at the Khumalo homestead, when he claimed to be the Maskandi singer Mgqumeni, saying that

everything he did was to be with the daughter of Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, Ms Nonhlanhla Majola.

Gcabashe, who appeared in the Nquthu court yesterday, said that when his brother Mbheki Gcabashe arrived with his mother, Mrs Ntombifikile Gcabashe, he told them that everything was done just because of Ms Majola.

In Mbheki’s words, speaking outside the courtroom, they met with his brother who told them everything, and who said that he had been in a relationship with Ms Majola – who was the one who connected him with the Khumalo family.

He said that when they went to the Khumalo homestead, Ms Majola arrived and spoke plainly, saying that she wanted them to use him by saying that he was ‘iBhova’.

“I am Sibusiso’s younger brother. I came here to the court because I want to see what he would say if we were here as his family. I am happy because, as a result of us being here, he went to one side and was happy to see us, and because he related the story to us about his claiming to be Mgqumeni,” said Bheki.

He said that his brother told them that, during the time he was at the Khumalo homestead, with the adult men were there, it was arranged for him to see an inyanga who treated him, and that they consented readily that in every way he resembled Mgqumeni.

He continued by saying that they, as the Gcabashe family, want to apologise profusely to all those people in whom they had caused any anguish or pain, when his brother was afflicted by this mischievousness in connection with the Khumalo family. 

This case was delayed pending a bail application from Gcabashe’s lawyer, Mr Johan Botha, until he also did a complete volte-face, saying that they would no longer be filing an application for bail and that it was better for the case to continue.

The Magistrate, Mr Mpheleli Nkosi, said that he is sending the case to be appealed in the district court in Vryheid from June 18, where a judgement will be given.  


Zombie Maskandi sees oTokoloshe in court (and in jail)

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Nokubongwa Phenyane

Page 5 Isolezwe 23 May

The other inmates are beating me, says ‘iBhova’

S’busiso Gcabashe, who appeared in court in Nquthu yesterday, asked to be released because the other inmates have beaten him and said that he resembles a snake, and because he sees Tokoloshes in jail. Gcabashe entered the courtroom looking like he was afraid that something would happen, only for the Magistrate to tell him that his case could not continue because his lawyer, Mr Johan Botha, was absent.

The Magistrate, Mr Mpheleli Nkosi, postponed the case to June 4th, the day on which fresh applications for bail will be made.

When the case was postponed Gcabashe put up his hand, and the Magistrate ordered him to be placed in the witness box so that they could hear what he wanted to say. When he had entered the witness box he began to ask that he be removed from jail because on Monday he was facing danger in the jail in which he was being held, as the other inmates were beating him with sticks and saying that he was  snake.

“I request that I be released because some of the other inmates say that I am not a person but rather a snake when they look at me. They have struck me, and now this matter is upsetting me. It is better that I go home so that an inyanga can treat me because I will end up being injured,” said Gcabashe.

He said that another thing which was upsetting him was that, when he was locked up in jail, he saw Tokoloshes who said that he must speak the truth when he is in court and must not claim to be someone who he isn’t. The magistrate then asked him when he began to see these creatures about which he was talking, and he said that he first saw them in 2009 and was still seeing them even now. 

“Even now here in the court I see these creatures – 7 Tokoloshes – and they are saying that I mustn’t say that I am Mgqumeni, and that I must explain who I am, and it is for this reason that I am speaking things which are without any lies. For this reason I ask to be released,” said Gcabashe.

Nkosi began to interrogate him, asking him to explain what language these creatures were speaking, and he said that they speak quickly but he hears them because they are sitting right in front of him.