Zombie Maskandi

People rise from the dead all the time, right?
Well, while there’s very little concern raised when someone ordinary ‘comes back from the dead’, it’s always a little tricky when a famous person is involved, and particularly a famous musician. Just imagine if Elvis suddenly came back, or Jimmy Hendrix. Things would get a little weird.

At the beginning of 2012, a man claiming to be the Maskandi musician Kwakhe ‘Mgqumeni’ Khumalo arrived at the family homestead near Nquthu in KwaZulu-Natal. The only problem? He passed away in 2009…

Here are the stories from Isolezwe:

3rd February 2012
Original story.

6th February 2012
After the weekend, nobody’s really sure who this guy is.

7th February 2012
The chicken begins to suspect the mealies.

23rd May 2012
The ‘Zombie Maskandi’ is seeing oTokoloshe in court.

25th May 2012
Cartoon from Isolezwe.

5th June 2012
The Zombie Maskandi reveals who sent him.

19th June 2012
Zombie Maskandi sings yet another song in court.

The case continues… I’ll keep you posted as new stories come up.


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