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Still in the dark with Gcabashe’s case

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20 Jul 2012, Isolezwe, Page 7

Nokubongwa Phenyane 

It looks to be a long wait for any resolution for the followers of iBhova likaDikadika, in terms of when a decision will be made in the case facing Sibusiso Gcabashe, as the release of the hearing date has not resolved anything about when the matter will come to court.

Khumalo’s family, here where Gcabashe appeared to them in Nquthu, are starting to show their anger at the fact that the case is taking so long, and that it hasn’t even begun to be heard yet.

Previously Isolezwe reported that Mr Dalingcebo Khumale said that they are now tired with the fact that this case is being drawn out for such a long time “as clearly it is a case which is unlawful and which must not be heard, but because of people wanting to trample on their child’s name there is this man who’s been arrested”.

Gcabashe, who is already facing a string of cases including one of rape arising in Xobho, surprised many people when he said that he was Kwakhe “Mgqumeni” Khumalo, who died in 2009.  

The case which will begin today in the district court in Vryheid has been delayed in its hearing as a result of many factors such as evidence which had not been compiled. 

In the words of Gcabashe’s lawyer, Mr Johan Botha, it was delayed so that documents from other courts, relating to the other charges facing Gcabashe, can be brought to court today.

“Today the documents from other courts will be presented, containing charges, as it is apparently better that these charges be heard in one court rather than having him transported to many places, and so that the verdict when given will be for one sentence from one court,” said Botha.

He said that even though the case has now been drawn out for a long time, he is hopeful that once evidence is presented the case will not be heard for a long time because people have long been waiting for the court’s verdict.

In the previous court appearance Gcabashe again disgusted other members of Mgqumeni’s family by entering court wearing extensions in his hair just like Bhova had, as though he hadn’t died.